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School Poems for Kids

Here are a selection of FREE School poems for kids.

Feel free to use them how you want or to reproduce them. If they are used on a website please credit the poet. We have also produced a range of help sheets for teachers with ideas for further activities in class.

As you can see below the kids poems are clearly laid out and at the bottom of some are the teachers aid sheets. These are also free in PDF form, but we encourage the purchase of our Teachers Aid - Kids Poem book which features thirty poems, classroom activities and learning pointers.

Also you can click on the poets and see more of their work and find out more about them and why they love writing poems for kids.

We hope you enjoy these School Poems!

Back to School Kit

by Cheryl Sandberg

Pencils, sharpeners, rubbers, pens,
at last a chance to see your friends.

Highlighters, folders, books, glue,
make sure your ink is black and not blue.

Notepad, scissors, markers, ring binders,
and you’ve clipped in your colour dividers.

Protractor, tape, setsquare, pencil case,
check it to see that all is in place.

Files, calculator, ruler, gym shoes
and that’s the whole kit all ready to use.

school poems for kids
Click here for the TEACHER HELP SHEET with activities and pointers
poetry for kids



Great Explorers at School

by Rex Miller

The teacher stood with pen in hand
"What year did Armstrong's spaceship land?
When did Columbus sail the seas
to put his precious Queen at ease?
And how about intrepid Scott?
I need some answers now you lot!"
I see this means that you have failed
to find where Captain Cook once sailed”
and no one knows of Francis Drake?”
The students watched the teacher shake
“I set this homework late last week
and here you are...will no one speak?”

Then one by one the students rose
the teacher raised her arms and froze.
The students spoke, their voices one
“Yes miss, the homework has been done.
In Nineteen sixty nine, in mid July
Armstrong’s rocket streaked the sky,
and during fourteen ninety two
Columbus found great lands anew.
Then Captain Cook was big down under
with so much land it’s little wonder,
and Drake, well miss, for goodness sake
he sailed the globe without a break.”

The teacher fell back in her chair,
which tumbled down, feet in the air.
She jumped back up and screamed out loud

“My class you’ve made me very proud!”

school poems for kids
Click here for the TEACHER HELP SHEET with activities and pointers
poetry for kids


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