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frog poems for kids

Frog Poems for Kids

Here are a selection of FREE Frog poems for kids.

Feel free to use them how you want or to reproduce them. If they are used on a website please credit the poet. We have also produced a range of help sheets for teachers with ideas for further activities in class.

As you can see below the kids poems are clearly laid out and at the bottom of some are the teachers aid sheets. These are also free in PDF form, but we encourage the purchase of our Teachers Aid - Kids Poem book which features thirty poems, classroom activities and learning pointers.

Also you can click on the poets and see more of their work and find out more about them and why they love writing poems for kids.

We hope you enjoy these Frog Poems!

A Frog in his Tea

by Rex Miller

The frog was tired of sitting still
so it jumped from the lawn
to the window sill,
and hopped through the gap
down onto the rug,
then up on the arm and into the mug.

The man looked down to his cup of tea
and saw something swimming
that couldn't get free.
He lifted it carefully and there in his
drink were two blinking eyes
looking up in surprise.

Both being shocked to meet over tea
the frog and the man
swopped smiles of glee.
Lifting him on to his palm he said
"Now that's what I call a mug shot
thank goodness my tea was not hot."

A Frog in the Tea by Rex Miller, Poetry
Click here for the TEACHER HELP SHEET with activities and pointers
poetry for kids



Hop Not Jump

by Rex Miller

I am a frog who likes to hop,
I hop and hop and cannot stop!
My mother said "Why not just jump,
frogs jump not hop you silly lump!"
I had no choice so told my mother
"One leg is longer than the other,
so when I go to jump like this,
my shorter leg will always miss
and so I hop but do not mind
for hopping is great fun I find!"

frog poems for kids
Click here for the TEACHER HELP SHEET with activities and pointers
poetry for kids


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