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autumn poems for kids

Autumn Poems for Kids

Here are a selection of FREE Autumn poems for kids.

Feel free to use them how you want or to reproduce them. If they are used on a website please credit the poet. We have also produced a range of help sheets for teachers with ideas for further activities in class.

As you can see below the kids poems are clearly laid out and at the bottom of some are the teachers aid sheets. These are also free in PDF form, but we encourage the purchase of our Teachers Aid - Kids Poem book which features thirty poems, classroom activities and learning pointers.

Also you can click on the poets and see more of their work and find out more about them and why they love writing poems for kids.

We hope you enjoy these Autumn Poems!

Autumn Leaving

by Robert Patinson

The colours of the trees have changed
the landscape palette rearranged.
Rains have come in slanting bands
and winds arrive to rock the lands.
The hedgehog moves to hibernate
and birds fly south to migrate.

The orange leaves begin to curl
the winds and rain now mix and whirl.
Grass along the verge turns brown
the leaves from all the trees fall down.
The skies turn grey the air grows cold
Winter's on its way we're told.

autumn poems for kids
Click here for the TEACHER HELP SHEET with activities and pointers
poetry for kids



Autumn Time

by Cheryl Sandberg

There are many colours that now appear,
once September's here.

The trees transform before our eyes,
rain marks the skies.

Bold yellows, sharp orange, deep red,
beneath the sky of lead.

Birds migrate and insects vanish,
harsh winds banish.

Days grow short the night time long,
hear the blackbirds song.

The winds are cooler the night air cold,
autumns taking hold.

Autumn poems for kids
Click here for the TEACHER HELP SHEET with activities and pointers
poetry for kids


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