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English Poems for Kids

English poems for kids brings you a selection of FREE poems for kids on a wide selection of subjects including nature and school poems! Our team of poets have written an exciting and different range of poems for you to enjoy. They can also be printed and used in school projects or put on your bedroom walls!

You can go ahead and use these poems how you wish, we just ask you not to use them for monetary gain though or in a disrespectful way. See our terms and conditions.

Teacher Resources

We have also made a range of help sheets for teachers with ideas for further activities in class. You can find these at the bottom of each poem or in the Poems for Kids - Teacher Resources Book which is now available in PDF Format.

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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

English poetry for kids has tasked its poets Rex Miller, Lisa Oyanna, Cheryl Sandberg, Robert Patinson and Meg Wiseman with the challange of representing Nature and her four seasons and has come up with a range of poems to bring these very different seasons alive with words.


Frogs, Birds, Insects, Lions, Elephants, Cats, Dogs and Fish poems for kids

We know that these animals are of particular interest to kids and so have created special pages which have a range of poems on your favourite animals! These include Cats and Dogs, Lions and Elephants. See the menu.

We also have poems for kids on Mother and poems about school for kids.

Want to put a special poem in your mothers day card? Or want to read poems about school? See our specialist sections about mother poems here!

In Partnership

We have a sister site called Heraldry For Kids which deals with Knights and Coast of Arms as well as Heraldry. Our main aim is to rpovide a range of free poetry and historical resources for children!

Other Poetry Sites we recommend

The Poetry Society and the Poetry Foundation are two excellent sites.


This site is a dedictaed free resource bringing to you english poems for kids and therefore a range of fun and interesting poems that children can enjoy and adults read outloud. Subjects covered here includ cats and dogs, frogs and fish!


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FREE Teacher Resources Sheets. Use English Poems for Kids in your class!

dog poems for kids
Rescue Dog

Dog Poems

Insect poems for kids
The Ant and Me

Insect Poems

cat poems for kids
Wild Orange

Cat Poems

Elephant Poems for kids
Red Elephants

Elephant Poems

school poems for kids
Back to School

School Poems